Worldwide there are natural wonders, architectural wonders and ancient wonders. So why not underground wonders?! Mysterious and impressive, they are well hidden from prying eyes. Hold your breath and explore the depths of the 7 wonders of the underground world.

As creepy and mysterious look to us today, in the past the 7 underground wonders of the world had very practical and comfortable use. In fact, most of them were designed for that purpose – to serve as shelters or defensive equipment in times of war, to provide quick, safe and unhindered moving between major points and to preserve priceless “treasures”. Get ready for an exciting walk through the tunnels, caves and catacombs, forming the 7 underground wonders of the world.

Labyrinth underneath Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary

Labyrinth underneath Buda Castle in Budapest, Hungary
The labyrinth of caves and tunnels under Buda Castle on the banks of the Danube in Budapest, has a total length of about 10 km. It is assumed that was excavated for military purposes centuries ago, during World War II and served as a bomb shelter during enemy air attacks. Later some of them have been turned into wine cellars. Walking through the maze you will encounter many caverns and section with authentic cave paintings all connected (probably by the Turks) with spacious tunnels. The remains of walls and beautiful arches particularly impressive.

Cemetery “West Norwood” in London, England

Founded in 1837, the underground cemetery keeps rich collection of historical monuments. In lined mahogany and pine coffins of different sizes, strictly arranged in catacomb’s niches they keep the remains of many noblemen. Most are very well preserved in time. Numerous iron doors connecting the central corridor with small rooms and staircase leads to the surface. Cells with massive gates awaits in eight narrower corridor – some of them were used to store coffins, while others are left empty.

Catacombs of Paris, France

Catacombs of Paris, France
Paris may be one of the most beautiful capitals of the world, but its other face is quite terrifying and unfamiliar. Under the streets of the city extends a network of quarries, tunnels and passageways known to the world as the Catacombs of Paris. Originally they are used as quarries for extraction of various building materials at the end of XVIII century. Part of them have been turned into a charnel as cemetery plots were not only insufficient, but also spread infection. Today, it holds the bones of about 6 million people. Excavations have revealed a secret German bunker from World War II and underground cinema. Although only 2 out of 300 kilometers of tunnels are open to visitors, there are many secret passages, channels and holes through which you can get to the forbidden territory of the catacombs.

Winery Milestii Mici, Moldova

Storing over 2 million bottles of high quality wine the cellar in the Moldovan town with ancient history Milestii Mici appear in the book of Guinness World Records as the largest wine complex in the world. The tunnels and its branches have a total length of 250 km, but only 150 km are usable. Million liters of wine is produced from different grape harvests in the period 1968 to 1991, and it is stored in oak casks and special enameled barrels. The natural limestone walls of the galleries did serve as a great moisture absorber that enhances and preserves the taste of the divine elixir. You can see them walking or by car, and if you are a true bohemian to buy a bottle as a a souvenir (the most expensive is about $500 USD).

Caves of the Ozark, Missouri / Arkansas, USA

Ozark region’s physical geography, combining plateau and mountainous and covered with lush greenery. But it is not so attractive for tourists in this part of the United States, as the system of caves formed underneath. It is believed that most of them were mines and that here was discovered the chemical element radium. Furthermore cave tunnels have served as a convenience to travel on a raft in a flood. The greater part of the excavated caves of 4500 are already examined, and only 8 are opened to the public. The beautiful rock formations and fossils of prehistoric creatures are sufficiently numerous and fascinating to satisfy your thirst for underground adventures.

The underground city of Coober Pedy in Australia

The underground city of Coober Pedy in Australia
Imagine a city built underground. There are about 3000 people turned the old mines in luxury homes with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. There is even a church! The walls are decorated with expensive paintings, the furniture is comfortable and luxurious, the atmosphere is welcoming and cozy. And although prices for the purchase of underground and ground dwelling overlap, the first type is much more practical for the summer, when temperatures outdoors reached 55 degrees Celsius. In the underground city temperature remains constant and all the needs of the local “population” are fully satisfied.

Tunnels under Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida, USA

Theme park “Magic Kingdom” in the Sunshine State Florida is one of the 4 “Walt Disney” theme parks in the world. And as fabulous and amazing to be, few know that underneath extends massive underground complex of tunnels that provide employees quickly and quietly move between ground part and numerous offices, restaurants and stores in the dungeons. This network of tunnels originated from the magnificent Palace of Disney (the lower two floors are part of it). And walking from one to another branch might be on foot or vehicle.

The roller coasters are a sure recipe for adrenaline. See what the most thrilling roller coasters in the world are.

United States is home to some of the most thrilling roller coasters. Therefore, most of them we write about are located there. In our list there are both very fast trains, and those that you rise to a height greater than that of the Egyptian pyramids.

Six Flags, Massachusetts

Six Flags roller coaster rises to 63 meters in height. The worst part is going through a dark tunnel filled with fog, creating an extra sense of horror. The seats created to barely reach the ankles of your legs, creates a feeling that you are about to fall and this is an additional thrill.

Colossus – a roller coaster at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England

Colossus in Surrey is neither too high nor too fast attraction. It makes many turns and changes in to the position. Literally you need just seconds to find yourself upside down. It is believed that the Colossus is one of the most thrilling roller coasters in Europe.

Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Formula Rossa will give you the opportunity to feel like in a Ferrari. The attraction is built on the track for Formula 1. The roller coaster accelerates from 0 to 97 km/h for 2 seconds. Top speed is 240 km/h. Speed ​​is so high that the people riding in the first trailers must wear special glasses for paratroopers to protect their eyes.

Phantom’s Revenge, Pennsylvania, USA

The Phantom’s Revenge is also among the most thrilling roller coasters in the world. After a slow and tense ascent follows descent of 71 meters. The most tense moment is when the train goes through the foundations of another attraction and makes the people riding it to bristle.

The Steel Dragon in Japan

The roller coaster with the longest route is the The Steel Dragon in Japan. The trail is 2.5 km long. The biggest challenge here is the 93-meter descent.

Kingda Ka, New Jersey, USA

Kingda Ka is the highest roller coaster in the world. It is 139 meters high. The downhill from its highest point reaches 206 km/h. One ride lasts only 59 seconds, but it is enough to numb and recharge your adrenaline.

Tower of Terror II, Queensland, Australia

As its name states, the Tower of Terror II, is a roller coaster that will be remembered. The attraction rises to a height of 115 meters for 7 seconds. The descending begins in a dark, poorly lit tunnel, which enhances the thrill. The downhill is so fast that the roller coaster reaches a whopping 160 km/h.


In the midst of summer in Manhattan is minus 5 degrees, at least for summer visitors to the “ice bar”. “Minus 5″ is the name of the facility, which is a hit in New York. Not only the walls but the tables and chairs are made of ice.

“The idea is inspired by the ice hotel that became so popular in Europe. USA now have their bar,” said Noel Bauman, who represents the “Minus 5″.

The bar is built for three weeks. You can visit it dressed in summer clothes because there are gloves, jackets and blankets that you can rent. We advise you not to leave your glasses to the masses because of the risk to “stick.”

“On the street is terribly hot, so when you see the ice bar, I just can not help it. It is summer and this is exactly what you need,” said a customer at the bar.

Тhere are “Minus 5″ ice bars also in Casino Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Ice Bar in New York City opens daily at 2pm. Until 7pm it is open to families and children, but then becames the center of the nightlife of the Big Apple. The entrance fee is $20 USD.